2x72 Belt Grinder Motor 230V/50Hz 2.25Hp with VFD - 4" Drive Wheel & EU Plug



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  • Motor Type:TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled).
  • 9 Pole High Torque Servo Drive Motor 1600W (2.25Hp)
  • Input voltage:Household 230V/50Hz (EU plug).
  • Max Speed (RPM): 3000 (adjustable/100RPM).
  • Max Speed Preset Function.
  • Reverse Rotation Function.
  • Thermal & Overload Protection.
  • High Torque at All Speeds.
  • The New Generation of limited in size and weight, High Torque High Efficiency & up to 75% Energy Saving Drive Motors.
  • 4" High Precision Aluminum Drive Wheel attached on the Motor Shaft Ready to Drive your grinder.
  • Made in EU.
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