2x72 Belt Grinder Small Wheel Attachment with Holder and Storage Rack for knife Grinders


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  • The Holder is CNC made from 6061 Aluminum with industrial grade anodized finish.
  • The small wheels  are made from 1018 steel.
  •  The set includes: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1" in diameter and & 2 -1/4" wide.
  • The holder attachment itself is one stand alone part assembly.
  • It attaches to a tooling arm with 2x 3/8-16 bolt (included).
  • The storage rack is made from 304 grade brushed Stainless Steel.
  • Made in EU.
  • Although solid aluminum is the ideal material for the holder as it functions as heat sink for the bearings,we suggest the motor speed with a 4" drive wheel not exceed the max of RPM 1800 (Ideal motor speed 1200-1500RPM).
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